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Tour in Usbrkistan - Oasis in the desert

Cities of: Tashkent Samarkand Khiva Bukhara

Duration: 10 days

Route: Tashkent – Urgench - Khiva – Bukhara – «Kyzyl-Kum» desert - Samarkand - Tashkent



16:45  -  Arrival by air in Tashkent - the hospitality capital. As soon as your feet come to the blessed Uzbek land, you will immediately feel the flow of the southern sun and will plunge into a unique oriental color… Khush Kelibsiz! – You are welcome!

17:45 - Transfer from the airport to the hotel

18:00  -  Hotel check-in. Half-hourly rest in comfortable rooms

18:30-21:00  -  Welcome to the lunch in restaurant. Here you will be serviced as eastern hospitality traditions demand.

Rest at the hotel



09:00-10:00  -  Breakfast at the hotel

10:30  -  The excursion to ancient monuments of Uzbekistan (Tashkent) starts:

By the way to the main sights you will see one of the most beautiful square in the Middle Asia - «Independence» Square, Circus of Uzbekistan, «Ganga» Square, and then:

·       Hazrat Imam complex (Telyashayakh Mosque, Kaffol Shoshiy Gravestone, Islamic Institute, Khazarti Imam Mosque).  This complex was built on the grave of one of the first imams of Tashkent city, who was a famous scientist, Koran and Hadithes (in Islam, a narrative record of the sayings or customs of Muhammad and his companions) expert, poet and craftsman – Hazrety Imam. The only world-known original version of Khalif Osman’s Koran is kept in this complex  -  Mui-Muboral Madrasah (translated as “a golden hair of Mohammed”).  

·       Then we’ll visit the Kukeldash Mosque. Many tragic, amazing and funny legends and stories are associated with the ancient Kukeldash. For example there is a story about unusual pistachio tree, which was growing over three hundred years at the top of one madrasah dome. It was deemed as holly, many legends and songs were created about it. Other legend says about the fact that the adulterous women were executed there: they were put into the bag, the bag was lifted to the top of the madrasah and dropped down to Shaykhantaur street running next to this madrasah.

·       you will visit «Chorsu» hospitable Uzbek bazaar. There you may buy flavourful flatbread (national cakes in Uzbek cuisine), melons, watermelons, the tastiest fruits. Our national skilled craftsmen will offer you their artworks representing Uzbekistan.

14:00 – 15:00  -  Lunch in «Bek» cafe. It is national café with Uzbek cuisine. Here any dish will be new for you.

 Then we’ll continue our excursion:

·       «Shokhidlar» Square («Khotira»). The complex consists of consists of scenic park, the museum itself and rotunda with symbolic nephritis gravestone. On the gravestone one can read a carved inscription in three languages (Arabic, English and Uzbek) that says “The memory of those, who sacrificed themselves for the freedom of their nation will live forever”. Opposite to this building you will see Tashkent TV Tower (345m) – one of the highest towers in the Middle Asia;

·       Amir Temur’s museum;

17:00-19:00  -  Dinner at the restaurant.

 Spare time after the dinner.

*you may visit night club, if you wish.



05:30-06:00  -  Early breakfast at the hotel.

08:30  -  Departure by the air to Urgench (HY 1051 «O’zbekiston Havo yollari» flight)

10:10  -  Arrival in Urgench. Transfer by comfortable bus to Khiva. The distance is 35km, trip duration is 1 hour.  Check-in at the hotel. Half-hourly rest at the hotel.

12:00 – 13:00  -  Lunch at national restaurant.

13:00  - Khiva city sightseeing tour in the weather. Here all sights are located so harmoniously at one place and match to each other so well, that it looks like a small, independent historical town with the trace of ancient period.

·       Kunya-ark Citadel ("Old Citadel”) – internal khan’s citadel of Ichan-Kala. It was founded in XVII century by Khiva Khan, whose name was Mukhama-Erenk (1687-1688). By the end of XVIII century Kunya-ark became "city in the city", which was separated from Ichan-Kala with a high wall. There were khan’s mosque, khan’s residence, supreme court, khan’s official reception hall (kurinishkhana), gunpowder factory,   arsenal, the mint, clerical office, harem, kitchens, horse stables and etc.

·       «Kalta Minor» Minaret is one of the largest minarets in the Middle Asia. If it had been built till the end, its height could reach 70 meters, provided by its foundation diameter making 14.2 meters. If you see it in a short distance, you will be amazed with its power and size. The construction was stopped because of the death of the khan, who has started to build this construction after the fight with Turkmens. 

·       The Madrassah of Mukhammad Amin Khan is located opposite to Kunya-Ark near the gates of Ata-darvoza and is one of the largest mediaeval madrassahs of Khiva. The Madrassah has significant sizes (71, 7 х 60 meters, yard makes 38 х 38 meters). It was one of the richest educational institutions and held numerous wakf lands. One of the domes has the inscription graven by the order of Mukhamad Amin Khan: “This wonderful building will stay here forever to descendants’ joy”.

·       «Djuma Mosque» - this building represents a rare type of archaic multicolumn mosque in Central Asia. Essentially, it's just a wooden canopy over the square; it was built in XVIII century. The poor lighting through three ceiling hatches and rows of 212 carved wooden pillars creates a special atmosphere for praying in the mosque.

·       «Ak» Mosque is a small district mosque located in the complex near Ichan-Kala gates.

·       Pahlavan Mahmud Necropolis is a main culture center of Ichan-Kala.  Pahlavan Mahmud Necropolis was built near the grave of the patron saint of Khiva, poet and philosopher, professional wrestler and craftsman - Pahlavan Mahmud (1247-1326). He was revered not only in Khiva, but in Iran, India as well as the patron of wrestlers, poets and healers. The legend says that the poet was buried in his own workshop. In XIV-XVII the municipal cemetery came into existence around his burial.

·       «Islam Khodja» Residence (1908-1910) - on the south-east of Ichan-Kala Islam Khodja built the ensemble consisting of the smallest madrassah and the highest minaret in Khiva, which is similar in its shape with ancient minarets of XI-XII centuries. You will remember this Minaret as light and slim silhouette topping the “inner city". Its height is 57 meters (including basement).       

19:00 – 20:00  -  Dinner at the national restaurant. Night at the hotel.




08:00-09:00  -  Early breakfast at the hotel

09:00  -  Departure to Bukhara via Kyzyl-Kum desert along the caravan track  (480 km, 5-7 hours)

16:00  -  Arrival in the Holy Bukhara – one of the most respected cities of Islamic civilization.

16:30  -  Check-in and rest at the hotel

19:00-21:00  -  Dinner at Nadir Divanbegi Madrassah. Spare time. Night at the hotel.

* if you wish, you may visit Khammam - the ancient Bukhara bathhouse. It is as good as any foreign spa. You will have a great pleasure from different massages and manipulations.



08:00 – 09:00  -  Breakfast at the hotel

09:15  -  Professional guides will start the excursion and show you the most ancient sights in Bukhara:

·        tea-house;

·        Ark fortress;

·        Bolo Hauz Mosque;

·        We will visit some shops of craftsmen, masters of silver products, the elegance and unique design of which ones will charm you.

13:00-14:00  -  Lunch at national chaykhona (tea-house) in tea-house near «Hauz Nadirbegi» lake, where you will taste the most delicate dishes of Uzbek cuisine: pilaf, samosa, manty (  oriental dumplings), lagman, shashliks, kazan-kabob and etc. according to your wish. 

14:00  - After visiting some sights of Bukhara, we will offer you the most interesting sights for the «dessert»:

·        The Samanids mausoleum;

·        Chasmai Ayub mausoleum;

·        Ulugbek madrasah;

19:00 – 21:00  -  Dinner at national restaurants. Overnight at the hotel.




08:00-09:00  -  Breakfast at the hotel

09:00  -  Departure to Kyzyl-Kum desert by comfortable bus (5-7 hours)

Have you ever seen the desert? No! Well, do not worry in this case, because this fascinating journey will continue with a tour in the desert with the mysterious name "Kyzyl Kum", which means "red sands". When traveling in the desert, you will see its ​​flora and fauna. We will drive through famous Nurata town and will stop to have a lunch at the national guest house, where friendly hosts will offer you the most delicious samosa, famous Uzbek pilaf and any other dishes cooked according to traditions of Uzbek cuisine. Many years ago Alexander of Macedon passed this Nurata town and there is a fortress with his name nowadays.


19:00  -  Arrival in «Kyzyl-Kum» desert. Dinner & overnight in yurts. Enjoy a night desert!




09:00-10:00  -  Breakfast in yurts.

10:00  -  Camel riding via "Kyzyl Kum" desert. You will see the beautiful nature of the most famous desert of Central Asia. Our journey will end with a picnic on the beach of Aydarkul scenic lake. Local fishermen will offer you all necessary facilities for fishing. If fishing is to be successful, you will immediately fry your yield in a cauldron in the open air. Bon Appetit!

When we come back to the yurt camp, we will stop in a local village and visit Uzbek family: there you'll see everyday life and color of our people, listen to the most ancestral traditions and customs of our people from the residents of this village. If you wish, you can participate in cooking a real Uzbek pilaf.

Our journey ends and we come back to the yurt camp. Dinner. Sitting around the campfire near the yurts. You can share your impressions of the journey.




09:00-10:00  -  Breakfast in yurts.      

10:00  -  Departure to Samarkand by bus (3-4 hours). It is to be regretted that we have to leave this amazing «world». But we will have unforgettable moments soon.

14:00  -  Arrival in Samarkand. Check-in.

15:00-16:00  -  Lunch at national restaurant

16:00  -  Excursion in Samarkand - «the pearl of the East» starts. The most ancient and beautiful monuments have been built here in the honor of the dearest people of the great governor Amir Temur:

·       Gur-Emir Mausoleum;

·       Rukhobat Mausoleum;

·       Registan Square;

19:00  -  Dinner at national restaurant. Overnight at the hotel.



08:00-09:00  -  Breakfast at the hotel.

09:15  -  Continuation of excursion in Samarkand:

·       Bibi-Khanym Mosque;

·       Shahi-Zinda necropolis;

·       Ulugbek Observatory – the treasury of stars science;

·       Khoja Daniyar Mausoleum

At the end of a long and interesting excursion we will visit Siab bazaar – a real eastern bazaar, where you will see carpets hand-embroidered by young girls, buy the products of the best craftsmen, feel the heart of Eastern life.

12:30- 13:30  -  Lunch at national restaurant.

13:30  -  Departure to Tashkent by comfortable bus. (4,5-5 hours).

By the way to Tashkent you will see large cotton and melon fields. You will see a small part of Uzbek people everyday life. Coming near to Jizzak, you will see the unique landscape of Zaamin Mountains. Red juicy Bakhmal apples are the zest of this region.

18:30  -  Arrival in Tashkent. Check-in.

19:00  - Dinner at “Bahor” restaurant. During the dinner you can enjoy the most interesting show-ballet, which will wrap you in the smoke of amazing and unique eastern fairy tale.

Overnight at the hotel.

DAY 10


07:00 – 08:00  -  Breakfast at the hotel.

08:00  -  Transfer to international airport to leave for your home.


See you soon!

We will make your trip the best in your life!

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* Our Company PRESENTS you with fascinating folklore show in “Bahor” restaurant!


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Accommodation at the hotels 3-4* (5 nights)

International air tickets

Accommodation in the yurts (2 nights)

Insurance policies

Transfer all over the route

Entertainments according to your own wish

Breakfasts at the hotel


FB Meal (9 lunches; 9 dinners)


English speaking guide in Tashkent and Samarkand


Permits to visit monuments


Uzbekistan visa support




* the program may be changed depending on the country you come from;

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