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Sights of Samarkand - Rukhabad Mausoleum

Rukhabad Mausoleum

Rukhabad mausoleum is situated near famous mausoleum Gur Emir. Exact date of construction of this ancient construction is not established. Some researchers date this construction by the middle of the fourteenth century, others consider that the mausoleum was constructed at the time of Timur's state. Mausoleum is raised over Burkhaneddin Sagaradji’s grave –Islam sheikh who died in the fourteenth century. Name of this sheikh is surroundedRuhabad1.jpg with aura of sanctity. And name of the mausoleum Rukhabat in translation means «Monastery of spirit». Sheikh died in China, but he bequeathed to his son Aby Said to bury him on the earth of Samarkand. Except sheikh there also buried members of his family, and relatives.

The mausoleum Rukhabad draws attention with its monumentalism and finished forms. It is a magnificent example of architecture of 14-15 centuries. Laconic furnish emphasizes its special greatness. Distinctive features of this building are simplicity of its forms such as a sphero-conical dome, octahedron and cubic. Name of the architect - constructed mausoleum is not  remained in the history.

Construction is mainly laid out from construction brick of simple structure. Forms of architecture of the mausoleum correspond to archaic principles of 11-12 centuries. However its considerable sizes correspond to stately constructions of times of Amir Timur’s state.

The mausoleum has in total three entrances – from the southern, northern and western sides. Iterior of the mausoleum is very simply furnished. It is mainly alabaster smooth surface of dome, arches, walls and sailing circle.

Construction of Gur Emir mausoleum near to Rukhabad mausoleum was not casual. Besides spiritual communication these two majestic constructions are united by Shah-rokh – in translation means "Kings Avenue" which was paved by light stone. This avenue had connected mausoleums and ended near elegant portal.

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