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Sights of Samarkand - Mosque Hazret-Hyzr

Mosque Hazret-Hyzr

In the ancient manuscripts describing Samarkand, mention of Hazret-Hyzr mosque is often met. It was the first mosque in the city. It settles down on a height which and at the beginning of the basis of Samarkand, and at the time of its revival it always had cult and stratigraphic value. It is settled down near a height city gate through which there arrived caravans from Iran, India and Bactria to ancient Samarkand. Nearby there was Arziz –channel which supplied water for inhabitants.

The mosque received name in honor of sacred Hyzr –patron of travelers and dervishes. According to ancient legend this sacred could grant desire of worthy people. He was owner of life water and promoted fertility and crop. And meeting with him promised to the person wealth, good luck and happiness.

In 1961 as a result of archaeological researches there were found characteristic bricks for the eleventh century. Thanks to this find it is possible to makeHazret-hizr1.jpg assumption that under Hazret-Hyzr's mosque in its modern look, there was a base of building of the eleventh century. Modern shape of mosque started to develop since 1823. In those days structure of mosque included winter rooms and small northern ayvans. A bit later, in 1854 these constructions were joined by east minaret and hudjras. One more reconstruction with addition of service premises was carried out in 1899. And approximately in 1910 walls of mosque were formed with ganch carving. Dome of mosque was decorated by very beautiful openwork carving which grants it real lacy ease and grace.

This ancient architectural building is a striking example of harmonious development of funeral constructions which was built in places where it was allowed to worship the sacred. Its location at the entry into city was chosen not casually. In the 15-16 centuries near to a mosque Hazret-Hyzr there was built well-known mosque Bibi-Hanym.

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