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Sights of Samarkand - Madrasah Shir-Dor

Madrasah Shir-Dor

Madrasah Shir-Dor  was the first construction, erected by Yalangtush Bakhadur on square Registan in Samarkand. Construction of madrasah was begun in 1619, its termination is dated in 1635-1636. These dates are available in inscriptions which decorate an entrance of building. Architect of this construction is Abdullah Jabbar, and decorative furnish work of master Muhammad Abbas.

A plan of architect consisted of an idea of mirror repetition of Ulugbek madrasah located opposite of it. On portal of Shir-Dor madrasah there have been represented tigers who rush on fallow deer and all this against two solar disks looking at them. These are power symbols of Yalangtush Bakhadur.

Madrasah doors are made of carved wood. They are on vegetative pattern executed in the form of figured flowers and leaves on them. And it is better to look at large-scale pattern located on lateral facades of building from far. It gives fuller perception of huge carpet with geometrical pattern. High round formed minarets are located on corners of building and decorated with stalactite eaves. Between minarets and portal over a wall there settled down twoShir-dor3.jpg domes. They stand on big drums of cylindrical form. Before destruction facade of Ulugbek madrasah also looked similar. 

Essential differences from Ulugbek madrasah can be observed in interior of Shir-Dor madrasah in which along back facade there is no big audience mosque. Mosque function in this madrasah was carried out by crosswise dome audience located in the corner of building. 

Madrasah Shir-Dor has fine, decorative furnish executed in details. But nevertheless art and technical workmanship this furnish essentially concedes to decorative ornaments of Ulugbek madrasah.

In all details of formation Shir-Dor madrasah is taken out of basis for fine construction of Ulugbek madrasah, and thanks to great skills of architects this construction is a magnificent sample of architectural traditions of antiquity.

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