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Sights of Samarkand - Bibi-Hanym mosque

Bibi-Hanym mosque

Pearl of the East is called an ancient Samarkand city, and one of its main sights Bibi - Hanym mosque by right carries the name – a pearl of Samarkandbibi-hanim_2.jpg. This cathedral mosque was constructed back more than half a century. Beautiful legend according to which the wife of emperor Timur with name Bibi - Hanum on return of husband from campaign which has crowned with victory as expensive gift gave order to construct a mosque. Then construction was began. But architect of this architectural construction fell in love with the empress and in every possible way tightened completion of construction, being afraid of parting from the beloved. And before return of the emperor he forwarded her ultimatum: construction will be ended, if the queen kisses him. And Bibi - Hanum was compelled to agree. Emperor came back home, and wife pleased him with a gift. But Timur's pleasure was saddened – he noticed on a cheek of the beloved wife a trace from kiss. The emperor ordered to kill architect. But he managed to disappear from persecutors in a mosque. Persecutors could only find only his pupil who told them that teacher made wings for himself and departed to Mashhad on these wings.

            bibi-hanim_4.jpgActually decision on construction was accepted in 1399 when Timur returned from victorious campaign to India. The mosque was constructed very quickly. Its construction was ended in 1404. This most beautiful construction of Samarkand really deserved comparison with Milky Way. Architectural plan of its creator was grandiose and impudent, but during those far medieval times it didn't have enough technical perfection. Therefore in the first years after completion of construction monumental entrance arch failed. Mosque was not spared by destructive earthquakes. Only five structures reached up to now. It is a minaret, a portal, small mosques on the sides of yard and big mosques in yard. But even in ruins this monumental construction of enormous sizes with magnificent decorative furniture makes unique impression and is among the most magnificent constructions of the Muslim world.

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