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Samarkand Chaykhana-cafe «Vostochnie sladosti »

Chaykhana-cafe «Vostochnie sladosti »

In the city center of Samarkand at the beginning of Tashkent Street there is Chaykhana-cafe «Eastern sweets» (Vostochnie sladosti). Building in which located чайхана, was constructed at the end of the nineteenth century. During those far times in this building the hotel for travelers and merchants – a caravanserai settled down. 

Chaykhana quite justifies its name. Here passes demonstration process of preparation of the most tasty national sweets – in tandir (national oven) there baked well-known Samarkand flat cakes and samsa. Everyone who will wish can take part in this fascinating process.

East sweets, which history totals not one century, during ancient times were available only to very rich people or sultans. Especially for them skillful cooks invented diverse recipes. But gradually love to surprising east delicacies extended worldwide. So in the seventeenth or eighteenth centuries exotic delicacies from Far East appeared in Europe.

Unlike standard meals of many countries which begin with hot first course, and come to end with a dessert, in Uzbekistan on tradition until dinner guests are treated with tea and sweets.

And what only sweets aren't present on east table – dastarkhan! And different types of halvah, and nutlets in sugar, and fused novat sugar, and still a set of refined and unique products of east culinary specialists.

And having visited chaykhana-cafe «Vostochnie sladosti », all of you can not only try it, but also prepare with your hands. Welcome to remarkable world of sweet temptations!

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