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Sights of Khiva - Kukhne Ark

Kukhne Ark

Citadel Kukhne Ark – the most ancient populated territory of Khiva. Upon investigation of this place by historians there were found evidences of powerful cultural stratifications. There are assumptions that in time here in the territory in 1 hectare there was a construction which served subsequentlykuhne-ark1.jpg as the beginning of the basis for Khiva city. 

Madrasah Muhammad Aminkhan is located to the South from Kukhne Ark. This construction is situated in historical part of Ichan - Kala, that is the biggest madrasah not only Khiva, but in all Central Asia. The madrasah represents a two-storeyed building which is set on area of 60 on 72 meters. There available 125 hudjras – cells which are calculated on 260 students in the building.

Construction of madrasah was began in 1851 by order of Muhammad Aminkhan –governor of Khiva. Madrasah has also gained is name in honor of the governor. A construction was terminated in 1854.

Angular towers and five domes majestically raise over madrasah. Facade of building has rich furnish from glazed brick and majolica facing, and wooden doors are decorated with ornamental carving. Inscription in the Arabic language which is over an entrance in madrasah, says: "This fine construction will eternally stand on pleasure of descendants".

kuhne-ark3.jpgThe madrasah Muhammad Aminkhan is located at Ata-Darvaza gate. And directly before madrasah there is a minaret Kalta-Minor – one of major symbols of Khiva. Minaret construction also was instructed by order of Muhammad Aminkhan. This construction should become the highest in the world. But after death of the khan , building was not  completed, and instead of 70 meters as it was planned, the height of a minaret makes only 29 meters. 

Madrasah Muhammad Aminkhan is its time was included into number of the richest and successful educational institutions. Numerous vakf lands were in its possession. Office of the Highest Muslim yard was placed in this building. But also to this day it is considered as an ancient architectural construction kept its historical shape and admires with the beauty and greatness.

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