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Sights of Khiva - Ichan - Kala

Ichan - Kala

The ancient Khiva city by tradition was divided into two parts – Ichan - Kala (internal city) and Dishan - Kala (external city). At 16-17 centuries Ichan -ichan-kala2.jpg Kala served as a fortress of Khiva, its strengthened high walls reliably protected the city. 

Internal city - Ichan - Kala occupies rather big territory – about 30 hectares. In its territory there many historical architectural monuments. These are mosques, minarets, mausoleums, madrasah and khan palaces. The most part of historical monuments was constructed at 18-19 centuries. These constructions are incorporated into peculiar architectural style which developed in those days in Khorezm oasis. Characteristic lines of this style are – woodcarving, alabaster plaster, marble and majolica facing. Domes located on towers revetted with blue tiles, which color as though it was dissolved in heavenly blue.

ichan-kala3.jpgOne of important sights of Ichan - Kala is its planning. Internal city kept the and non large small streets and deadlocks – characteristic features of old east city. 

There is ancient legend about Ichan – Kala. Simon - son of bible Noy dug out in these parts a well Heyvak. Water in a well had surprisingly tasty. And to this day this well is in northwest wall of Ichan – Kala. When a well was repaired, there were found fragments of dome construction and ancient stone laying. For construction of walls of a fortress clay was obtained in town Govuk-Kul, located in two kilometers from the city. Now there is a big lake. According to the legend clay these places were used in those days when prophet Muhammad was building Medina, and the lake which appeared later, is considered as holy. Local clay is famous nowadays too for excellent quality, and it is used for the products by modern potters.

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