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Sights of Khiva - Djuma-mosque


Existence of Friday mosque in the Muslim city during medieval times defined its importance. Therefore governor of that time especially cared for perfection of architectural and artistic shape of cathedral mosque.

Djuma-mosque of Khiva city is– one of the most well-known in Central Asia. This building has traditional, even archaic planning. The mosque hall is in the size of 45 on 55 meters has a rectangular shape and is covered with a flat roof. In a hall there is set of columns, hall is surrounded by massive wall with three entrances. Djuma-mechet1.jpg

Carved wooden columns, which quantity is more than two hundred, make main notability, and also art value of a mosque. All columns are very different, they differ from each other with forms, dimensions, art furnish and time of their manufacturing. 

There is an assumption that more ancient columns were brought from Kyata –ancient capital of Khoresm which was lost under waters of Amu Darya. One more assumption is that columns were made by most well-founded believers as by national tradition for each believer was honor to make contribution for mosque construction. Owing to natural reasons throughout centuries many columns gradually became unfit for use. Therefore they are replaced with others.

On style of ornaments and inscriptions the earliest columns belong by 10-14 centuries. These columns possess very interesting architectural form. It is strongly pronounced type of columns of architecture of ancient Khoresm with cut trunks and separate repeating elements of vegetative motives.

Other group of columns has a relief flat. On one of such columns date “1316” is cut is in “1510” of a new era. All columns of a mosque are unique and need careful leaving and periodic restoration.

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