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Ancient city of Khiva, special and unique! History of it has indissoluble communication with history of Turkmenistan. The matter is that earlier territory of Khiva was in structure of legendary State Horezmshakhs which capital was in Urgench. kuhne-ark2.jpg

In history there is a mention of Khiva in the tenth century, as about large shopping center on the Great Silk Road. All caravans which went to China and back stopped here. Chains of camels loaded with cargo (goods), moved through fortress gate of the city with never-ending stream from a dawn and to sunset.

At the beginning of the sixteenth century Uzbek nomad tribes founded Khiva khanate which included also Khorezm state. Gradually operating capital of Urgench was destroyed as a result of change of riverbed of Amu Darya. And in 1598Khiva received the status of main town of the state.

A part of Khiva khanate in the nineteenth century was won by Russia, and in 1919 the last khan from a ruling dynasty was destroyed. Khiva city became the capital of already new Khorezm Soviet National Republic. A bit later, namely in 1924 lands of Khorezm oasis were included as a part of modern Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. 

There is very interesting legend about emergence of Khiva city. According to this legend ancient city grew round a surprising well Hey-Vakh water in which was extraordinary tasty and cool. This well was dug by order of Sim –son bible Noy. This well and up to now is in Ichan - Kala – an old part of Khiva.

The unique city - Khiva by right can apply for a rank of «the seventh wonder of the world». It is the peculiar museum located under open-air, which kernel is an ancient fortress Ichan - Kala. All architectural masterpieces of Khiva city are concentrated exactly in a fortress. These are amazing minarets, curves paved by a stone lanes conducting to madrasah. This is a real eastern miracle!

In 1990 Khiva was entered in the list the World heritage of UNESCO.

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