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Sights of Bukhara - Ulugbek madrasah

Ulugbek madrasah

One of the most ancient constructions of Bukhara, remained since state of Timurids is – Ulugbek madrasah. It was constructed in 1417 by astronomer Ulugbek – Amir Timur's grandson.

The madrasah represents a squared building. Peshtak – a high portal decorates a main entrance in madrasah which is divided with mionkhana – a cross-section corridor. In one end of a corridor there was a mosque, and in other the lecture hall – darskhana. Directly over an entrance on the second floor of a building there is library – kitobkhona.

The facade of madrasah has two wings and represents an arcade from two circles. There are towers from both sides of a facade.

Madrasah construction is a work of master Ismail – son Takhir-isfagani. Later in 1585 building of madrasah was restored. In further madrasah was too often exposed to restoration. In its decorative furnish it is possible to consider stratification of elements of different times. The most ancient elements are on northern arcade of yard and in platform of mionkhana. On the western and eastern half of madrasah there is noticed later facing, and the latest is on wings of building facade. Columns of northern ayvan are decorated with gilding furnish. 

Astral elements prevailing in ornamental motives allegedly have communication with Ulugbek's outlook, as scientific astronomer. And on one of gate shutter there carved an inscription: «Aspiration to knowledge – a duty of each Muslim and Moslem». 

Ulugbek's madrasah is a monument of blossoming architecture in Central Asia. It served as a sample at madrasah construction in other Central Asian cities.

In due time in madrasah were trained eighty students. They all day long studied religious subjects, astronomy, geometry and Arabic language. Study in madrasah lasted for 15-20 years, and graduates of this educational institution often joined ranks of east poets and thinkers.

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