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Sights of Bukhara - Palace of Sitora-i-Mokhi Khosa

Palace of Sitora-i-Mokhi Khosa

The palace of Sitora-i-Mokhi Khosa is a little to the north of Bukhara, in four kilometers from the city. This construction belongs to the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries is considered as former residence of Said Alimkhan – the last emir of Bukhara. The name of a palaceDvorec-sitorai_mokhi_khosa-1.jpg is translated from Persian, as «A star and the moon of the khan».

            Not characteristic for local architecture multi-colored on flowers and shades of mosaic patterns decorate the main entrance in to a palace. Architecture of palace is quite traditional.  Building has three main components. It is an entrance, an external yard – man's and women’s courtyard. Near the main structure there are located workshops of handicraftsmen.

            Building of a palace of Sitora-i-Mokhi Khosa is one-storeyed, its plan is similar to the letter "g". Wide platform surrounds palace walls. And there is a small reservoir in the center of a platform.

            There is European style noticed in architectural shape of a palace which is combining with elements of architecture of the East. It is possible to explain such specifics that Amir Said Alimkhan who has got education in St. Petersburg, living some time in Russia, joined the European cultural traditions. In construction of a palace there took part The Russian architects.

            Remained up to now and an old palace building which was constructed by Akhadkhan –father of the last emir. Architecture of this ancient building is sustained in east traditions. At the time of Amir Said Alimkhan governing this building was a harem where lived wives and concubines of the emir. At the same time there was a reservoir near Akhadkhan's palace.

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