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Sights of Bukhara - Necropolis Chor-Bakr

Necropolis Chor-Bakr

Necropolis Chor-Bakr – one of main shrines of Bukhara. This construction belongs to 15-18 centuries. Not only inhabitants of Bukhara, but also Muslim pilgrims from other countries esteem this holy site. The necropolis in eight kilometers to the West from Bukhara in Sumitan settlement. This settlement in the past was a center of award of dervishes khodjagons. A main sight of this place is – necropolis Chor-Bakr. In the West this necropolis is known, as «dead city» and is brought in UNESCO –List of World heritage.

During era of Samanids state in the tenth century there were very first constructions. Main development began at the time of Dzjuybariy seids ruling. Burial of Abu-Bakr Sayad who is an ancestor of all djuybars and the descendant of prophet Mohammed, is the main thing forming in a necropolis.

In the territory of ensemble there are more than thirty constructions of different times. Road from Bukhara comes to an end near darvaza-khana withnekropol-chor-bakr-2.jpg which acquaintance to a necropolis begins. Small street beginning from here brings to central ensemble. Main buildings of a complex – a mosque, madrasah and khanaka. All these buildings were constructed in the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries.

The necropolis Chor-Bakr has a feature – here are erected hazirs, instead of mausoleums. Construction is focused on parts of the world and called as Hozira. It has no overlapping, and entrance of it is formed by the darvoza (gates) –special door.

During time of rule of burial has changed. So in the nineteenth century here buried all members of the family, including women. At turn of the nineteenth or twentieth centuries here were constructed the last haziras, and before central ensemble there was built a small minaret.

As a result, complex Chor-Bakr became a real reflection of evolution of eastern architecture and architecture throughout the whole millennium.

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