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Sights of Bukhara - Mausoleum of Samanids

Mausoleum of Samanids

Unique monument of Bukhara city is –mausoleum of Samanids that is located under the arches of sprawling trees on one of park avenues Samanids.

This architectural construction has a cubic form and is complete a dome in the form of hemisphere. All parts of the building are identical, and none of the entrance isn't designed as a main one. Lancet niche with three arches is entrance formation.

On corners of the mausoleum there are located powerful columns, and on top of a building there passes through gallery which has forty window apertures. This gallery gives to the mausoleum special ease.

Architectural composition of this architectural construction is very simple. External and internal walls of building are laid out by figured laying, as material there is used baked brick. Internal room has small size, but, in spite of that  it looks quite spacious.

Decorative furnish of the mausoleum is done from a brick of the different sizes and the most various patterns. Here is used brick in the form of sockets, a polishing brick and laid flatwise. Ancient architects applied bricks of low-measures with rectangular and square form for facing of building, its walls, columns and dome arches. This first construction in the Central Asian region which was built up with light yellow baked brick with a pinkish shade.

Due to such furnish the mausoleum ornament during the day depending on lighting changes original drawing. At moonlight the building looks very effectively.

There is grave of Ismail Samani – the founder of the Samanids state, and also his father and his grandson in the mausoleum. The period of board of a Samanids dynasty can be characterized, as an era of the Central Asian Renaissance which was marked by blossoming of a science, music, literature and poetry.

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