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Sights of Bukhara - Madrasah Mir-i-Arab

Madrasah Mir-i-Arab

By order of Ubaydulla khan - the governor of Bukhara city, in 1530-1536 there was built one of the best-known madrasahs of the Islamic world –Mir-i-Arab. During those far times it had popularity on level with Cairo madrasah Al Azkhar. And during Soviet period it was unique average educational spiritual Muslim institution in all territory of the former Soviet Union.

Such well-known people, as Ravil Gaynuddin –head of the Russian Muslims, Aayalo-Shukura Padshakh-zade –Azerbaijanian mufti, dead president of Chechnya - Ahmad Kadyrov, and also the former mufti of Kazakhstan - Ratbek Nysanbayula were graduates of Mir-i-Arab madrasah. Medrese-Mir_i_Arab-1.jpg

Today students from Uzbekistan are trained in madrasah, and also practices with reception for study of foreign students. Besides theological disciplines students of madrasah are taught secular sciences such, as physics, biology, chemistry, oratory, rhetoric, lexicon and ethics. Graduates of this educational institution are issued diplomas which grant them a right to carry out teaching activity in general educational school.

Student's audiences are little different from classes at usual school. To the left of an entrance in madrasah there is a tomb in which there is buried Miri Arab. Also here buried his trainee Ubaydulla khan and his regal relatives. On the right side of madrasah there is a mosque. The quantity of cells in madrasah corresponds to number сур in Koran – they are 114 in the number.

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