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Sights of Bukhara - Madrasah Kukeldash

Madrasah Kukeldash

Madrasah Kukeldash is the earliest construction of Bukhara city. This construction of the sixteenth century is included into ensemble of Lyabi-Hauz. Kukeldash – the largest madrasah of Bukhara which represents two-storeyed building having a big portal at the entrance. The portal is decorated with a mosaic and formed by a vaulted niche, which on corners flanked with columns, very graceful, executed of green translucent onyx.

In madrasah there are available 160 hudjras (rooms). In due time here lived and trained 320 students. In the sixteenth century decor of madrasah wasn't especially rich, only its small fragments are kept up to now. And already later in the seventeenth century near a reservoir Hauz there were built two more buildings, one of which is mosque Khonako Nodir Divan Begi. This mosque was constructed in 1620 and represents a squared building with dome overlapping. Portal of the mosque is nontraditionally extended and narrow. Ornament of a dome hall are - stalactites.

Khonako mosque served as a place of stay for wandering monks which preached Sufism – dervishes. 

Despite disproportionate planning Khonako looks well in architectural complex. On one axis with a mosque there is madrasah Nodir Divan Begi constructed in 1630. On portal of this madrasah there are images of live beings. Thus architects of that time carried out the first attempt to depart from a traditional decor. Decorative furnish of portal tympanum is done very interestingly. Equipment of this furnish is –polikhrom mosaic. Here described birds of happiness Semurg who keep in claws of animals forwarded to sun rays. On furnish it is also possible to see vegetative ornament in the form of flowers and helicoid stalks. At a decor there are mainly blue, dark blue, green and yellow colors. Red color is absent.  Explanation to it is – red color associates with a heat. Therefore, considering hot climate of Central Asia, architects preferred to use cold tone in a decor.

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