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Sights of Bukhara - Kalon Mosque

Kalon Mosque

Kalon  mosque – one of the most ancient Friday mosques in Central Asia. It is also second-large mosque after Bibi Hanym in Samarkand. Kalon mosque as built at the time of the first Sheybanids in the sixteenth century. Since those ancient times the mosque is main cathedral mosque of Bukhara city.

From Eastern side a main entrance in mosque has mosaic furnish and is decorated with big and beautiful portal which is located on eminence. Somemechet-kalon2.jpg steps bring to mosque yard. Two blue domes are located on each side of the building. 

Form of Kalon Mosque is in traditionally squared form. There are four ayvans in a mosque. Entrance through passage of ayvan has an external portal, and also internal which is turned into a yard. Magnificent arcades are located on yard perimeter. There are 228 domes, and 208 columns on them serving for them as bases. Facade is revetted with color mosaic and bricks covered with glaze.

At the western wall there is located main building of Kalon mosque which has mikhrab with magnificent artistic furnish. Here portal with carved mosaic and an internal dome are raised. And on high decorative drum there is external dome which raising over Bukhara, rolls in blue sky.

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