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Sights of Bukhara - Fortress Ark

Fortress Ark

The most ancient architectural monument of Bukhara city is – a fortress Ark. It is located on a high hill. Majestic type of an ancient fortress draws an attention of city visitors. In the past there was a governmental center.

Construction of this construction is dated the fourth century B.C. Long time the fortress Ark had laid in ruins. And only in the seventh century the palace Kakh was restored. But again it had failed and how many architects of that time tried, to restore it that was not possible. According to ancient legend, governor brought together scientists, and by their councils the palace was constructed newly on seven columns, and form of it reminded constellation of the Big Dipper (Bear).

In ancient times there was settled down a big lowland before a fortress, it was covered with river sand. From here and name of area before a fortress – Registan, that in translation means "sand".

Square Registan at the beginning of the last century was one of the most brisk places in Bukhara. On area there were settled big market, there were many mosques and madrasah. It was a venue of public events and sports competitions.

In a fortress in ancient times lived about three thousand people: a family of emir, concubine of his harem, relatives with families and servants. There was a chief of secret police and the first minister with families and service personnel.


Nowadays destroyed northeast part of a fortress Ark is still had in the twenties of the last century there were many beautiful residential buildings. Each of these rooms had a special furnish. And characteristic of these rooms was that it was possible in them to pass from one room to another. Also in this part of a fortress there was a madrasah, a mosque, a bath and a well.

On one of fortress walls there hung kamcha – a big leather lash which was a symbol of the power of emir. On giving this lash belonged to Rustam –national hero.

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