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Sights of Bukhara - Female sufiy monastery Kiz-bibi

Female sufiy monastery Kiz-bibi

In thirty kilometers from Bukhara city there is an architectural complex Kiz-bibi. It is female sufiy monastery. In the ancient time this district that is located in lower reaches of Zeravshan, was densely populated. However shortage of water and differences of its level in this region until the sixteenth century turned this territory into a zone of sand. Many ancient settlements of Bukhara oasis stopped their existence.

Some revival in this area was observed in the eighteenth century. During this time construction of monastery Kiz-bibi was completed. EntranceKiz-bibi-2.jpg darvazan-khan of female sufiy monastery Kiz-bibi is directed to the south. There are three yards in which are mosque-hanaka, mazar (cemetery) of Kiz-bibi with a marble gravestone and ayvans, chillya-khana, bath which is combined with takharat-khana, kitchen, rooms for insane and hudjras for pilgrims are in this complex. 

All rooms of this different mission of this khanaka are characteristic constructions of medieval sufiy monasteries in which sufiy lived in isolation from outside world.

Unique ensemble was built by Sadikhon – vizier of Mir Arab in honor of Mastura khanum – Kiz-bibi who was female-sufiy. Once Kiz-bibi disappeared from a cell of the monastery. Locals made a legend according to which the spirit of Kiz-bibi lives in walls of this monastery and helps girls with disposal of infertility and in finding of family happiness.

This complex welcomes pilgrims from all parts of the country. Here women observe a post and pray. They ask the God to grant them children. Within three days woman live in one of cells of a monastery and spend time in praying, avoiding meeting with anyone. Here entrance of men is forbidden.

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