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Sights of Bukhara - Bakh-ad-Din Nakshbandi's ensemble

Bakh-ad-Din Nakshbandi's ensemble

Bakh-ad-Din Nakshbandi's architectural complex in translation means «The castle of those who learned Divine Truth». It is located in Kasri Orifon settlement in twelve kilometers from Bukhara.

Sheikh Bakh-ad-Din Nakshbandi in honor of whom this ensemble has received the name, was very esteemed person, spiritual patron of Bukhara city. He was the founder of the sufiy award - "Nakshbandy".

Nakshbandy's brotherhood, since the fifteenth century, was the most widespread among sufiy awards of the whole world. Nakshbandi challenged his adherents not for asceticism, but to diligent work. Followers of a sufiy award of Nakshbandy were handicraftsmen, farmers, dealers and even occupied the state positions. Such outstanding people, as Alisher Navoi –great Uzbek poet and Djami –outstanding Persian poet were members of this sufiysbrotherhood.

Sheikh Bakh-ad-Din Nakshbandi is buried in his home country in native settlement. And not far from it there are two more graves – his mother’s and his teacher Said Mir Kulol. In honor of sheikh Bakh-ad-Din Nakshbandi over his grave in 1544 it was erected dakhma, fenced with carved marble fencing. A bit farther there was built khanaka.

Place of interests of this architectural complex are Hakeem Kushbegi and Muzaffar han’s mosques, and also sakkakhana – picturesque wooden seat with four arches. Before building of Kushbeka’s mosque there was a small madrasah and minaret. The tomb of governors of Bukhara is located to the West from dakhma– and called  necropolis. 

Picturesque sakkakhana possesses a special interest. In literal translation a word sakkakhana means « a place - giving water». By tradition of the East such place may be a niche in wall, small building or simply ledge where there is a fountain, crane or a jug usually established behind an iron lattice. Tired travelers or simply passers-by can satisfy here their thirst, and still ask about execution of their pious desires. As pledge of desire realization people leave a small gift in this place.

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