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            Bukhara – an ancient city of the Central Asia. Uzbeks respectfully call it – Holy Bukhara. There is an ancient belief which says that fertile light descends from the sky on all Muslim cities, and only over Bukhara city this light rises to the sky. Not casually the city is called «Islam’s support». There as a lot of mosques in Bukhara, also there are a lot of architectural masterpieces and holy sites.  bukhara1.jpg

            This ancient city is more than 2000 years old. Within such huge term Bukhara became more than once the witness to ruinous wars. But each time the city rose from ashes. Bukhara much knows nice times. In due time this city was the state capital of Samanids, and also a large center of the Great Silk Road. 

            Persian governors made a lot of things for formation of Bukhara, there were erected tombs, mosques, madrasah, fine palaces and caravanserais. Cult constructions such as mausoleum of Samanids and Minaret Kalyan became city symbols. From the sixteenth to the seventeenth century Bukhara was the capital of Ashtarkhanids and Sheybanids. Just during this period there was a modern architectural shape of this eastern city.

            From the last centuries up to now there remained 140 monuments, at each of which is deemed a unique architectural style, and also walls of an ancient citadel – the Ark. In an old part of the city still there were whole ancient areas – narrow small streets and surprising quarters.

            Bukhara is considered the fairy tale and poetry city. Over small streets of the city there are soared ancient legends, and each stone is a proof of antiquity. Main part of Bukhara is real monument of architecture. Historical city center of Bukhara since the beginning of the ninetieth years is included into the List of the World Heritage.

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