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Travel Company  "ECO TOUR" has a great  potential on the tourism market.  Our main direction is ecological tourism.  It is a new feature in tourism.  In Europe and other high advanced countries.  This kind of tourism is exist for a long time and dynamically progress. Essence consist  of make people acquaintance with  culture and traditions and nature of some  nation.

Middle East is remarkable of its history- battles,  recession,  renaissance-all of it are  maintained outstanding,  mixed culture. It’s known that  Uzbekistan Is agriculture country, and province are to the present day continue to farm and reap a harvest manually. Also to get acquainted with culture more deeply,  you need  to visit place which remote from civilization. We invite you to see  the common peoples  life, to see their everyday activities, to take a part in cooking Uzbek national dishes.  Or to become witness or partner in different  national ceremonies or celebrations, to have a look at popular art.

As your facilitator of event we make you sure in comfortable  conditions, multiply choice in food and health protection.

Along with that we arrange  trips to the historical town in Uzbekistan (Hiva, Samarkand, Bukhara), which are glorious by their ancient architecture  in combination with modern buildings.

Uzbekistan it’s a place where you can have a rest and to make better your health . Recreation areas, reserves,  spa resort, which are located in the eco-friendly areas, and are beneficial in recovery.  Zaamin  resert, Chatkal resert, recreation areas:  Archazor, Aktash.

Our company send tourist go abroad to the world wide famous  resorts. We provide visa support, booking rooms and air tickets. We can arrange  tour you wish: Shipping tour, Gastronomic tour, mice tour, health related tour.

We try to care about all members of your family. We can get tickets to the summer  camp for your children, or to send them study abroad.


Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Yunusabad area, Bodomzor, 37

Tel: +998 (71) 200 00 19

E-mail info@tourstouzbekistan.uz

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